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A true mono cartridge by Ortofon 

It is equipped with a Nude Elliptical r/R 8/18 µm stylus which is a good solution for playing single microgroove vinyl records. The Quintet Mono will perfectly track even worn and damaged records and provide surface noise control. 

The Quintet Mono uses a coupled output to deliver the same output signal from both sets of pole pins. This effectively eliminates the need for mono-specific equipment, allowing true mono reproduction to be enjoyed on any stereo playback system 

Technical characteristics 

Output voltage (1000 Hz, 5 cm/sec.): 0.3 mV 

Frequency response: 20 - 25,000 Hz (- 3 dB) 

Track tracking at 315 Hz at recommended tracking force: 70 µm Lateral compliance: 15 μm/mN 

Diamond: bare, elliptical Radius: r/R 8/18 μm 

Support force: 2.1 - 2.5 g (21- 25 mN) 

Recommended support force: 2.3 g (23 mN) Reading angle: 20° Internal impedance: 5 ohms 

Recommended load: > 20 ohms 

Cantilever in ABS and aluminum 

Coil cable: silver 

Cell weight: 9g

Ortofon Quintet mono

€439.00 Regular Price
€351.20Sale Price

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