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About Classic Hifi

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Bienvenue sur le site Classic Hifi, lieu dédié aux amateurs de matériels audiophiles. Ici, vous trouverez un large choix d’appareils sélectionnés pour leurs qualités sonores, leur fiabilité, ou leur design remarquable. Le meilleur de la Hifi d’occasion vous est proposé, ainsi qu’une gamme d’appareils neufs choisis pour leur excellent rapport qualité/prix.

Welcome to the Classic Hifi website, a place dedicated to audiophile equipment enthusiasts. Here, you will find a wide choice of devices selected for their sound quality, reliability, or remarkable design. The best of second-hand Hifi is offered to you, as well as a range of new devices chosen for their excellent quality/price ratio.

Classic Hifi was born from an observation: products manufactured in the 70s and 80s constitute a real alternative to the market for new devices, provided that a rigorous selection is carried out upstream, and a systematic technical upgrade. For 40 years, we have not seen any major technical developments, both in terms of signal amplification and its restitution.

Thus, Classic Hifi makes high-end equipment accessible, designed according to specifications from another era, for which the notion of planned obsolescence would have represented an aberration. The richness of the Classic Hifi offering is based on devices offered at various price levels, as well as a wide choice of accessories.

Two auditoriums located near Uzès in the Gard are at your disposal to allow you to carry out objective and quality listening, as well as a repair workshop in which all the second-hand devices offered are revised by qualified staff. .



Auditorium Classic- Hifi
Auditorium Classic Hifi 2

New devices benefit from the manufacturer's warranty,
while used ones are guaranteed for 6 months.


Remote shipping possible depending on the type of material.


We wish you an excellent visit and are at your disposal for any further information!

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