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Dematerialized music

What is it?

Strictly speaking, it involves listening to files that replace physical media (discs, K7, tapes, etc.).


Under the same name, we bring together very different uses:

  • Add streaming features to a vintage channel so you can listen to radio or playlists.

  • Digitize your entire discotheque to make it the main source of an already optimized audiophile channel.

  • Add a media player to an audio channel.


On the edge of computers and classic audio, it is sometimes difficult to navigate for music lovers. There are multiple solutions (PC, streamer, DAC, Clock, NAS, etc.), sometimes complex. Many buy this or that product praised in the test benches, but are disappointed with the final result. As much, if not more than in classic audio, the result depends on the coherence of the solution chosen, the attention paid to details and not necessarily the budget allocated. 

Aujourd’hui personne ne peut prétendre avoir une sélection exhaustive dans le domaine de la musique dématérialisée, les solutions et produits sont trop multiples.

What we offer is not to sell you products, but a solution based on the products we have selected as well as products available from other merchants.

Classic Hifi can guide you in this process. Do not hesitate to tell us your needs, we will make proposals adapted to your needs and your budget.

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