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Adjustment and maintenance of record players

In addition to the tools available in the New Accessories category, we offer maintenance and adjustment of your turntables with professional tools. We also have a large selection of cells and diamonds available in store for old and current turntables.


Do not hesitate to contact us.


Assembly (or verification) cell + simple adjustment: assembly of the cell, general adjustments with mechanical devices (Protractor, levels, balance, test disks) – €150 Cell assembly (or verification) + complete adjustment: cell assembly, adjustments with professional tools (Smartractor, levels, measurements with Analogmagik digital tools, test discs) – €250


Analogmagik: €750 Analogmagik is turntable calibration software for Windows systems (requires a sound card). The scientific measurement method makes it possible to optimize rotation speed, azimuth, VTA, antiskating, gain, etc. ​


Smartractor: €645 The Acoustical Systems SMARTractor is an easy-to-use tool with unrivaled precision. Set up your turntable like a professional.


Kirmuss KA b1 - Antistatic brush: €28 Kirmuss KA B1 - Goat hair brush: €14 Kirmuss KA-N1 - Stylus cleaning kit 20 mL 0: €22.5


Kirmuss KA-AS1 - Antistatic spray 60 mL: €28

Antistatic and antibacterial liquid, delivered with microfiber applicator cloth

Reglage platine disque
SMARTractor- product of the year 2014
Ecran pc

  • Smartractor : 645 €

    Le SMARTractor d'Acoustical Systems est un outil simple d’emploi et d'une précision inégalée.

       Réglez votre platine comme un professionnel.

  • Kirmuss KA b1 - Brosse antistatique : 28 €

Kirmuss Anti-static brush
Brosse poils de chèvre

  • Kirmuss KA B1 - Brosse en poils de chèvres : 14 €

  • Kirmuss KA-N1 - Kit de nettoyage stylet 20 mL 0 : 22.5 €

Kit nettoyage stylet kirmuss
Kirmuss anti-static spray

  • Kirmuss KA-AS1 - Spray antistatique 60 mL : 28 €
    Liquide antistatique et antibactérien, livré avec chiffon applicateur en microfibres.

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