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Loan, rental and recovery of mains cables & filters

You doubt the contribution of cables in your installation, you want to know if a sector filter can give you more listening?

ClassicHifi offers you a loan and rental program to evaluate the impact of these accessories on your system and in your usual environment.

The duration of the loan is 8 days, you provide a deposit equivalent to the value of the device borrowed in the form of a check made payable to CFT, at the address 10 rue de la breche 30210 Collias. This loan is free, for remote customers only shipping costs will be billed. If the equipment is not returned within 8 days, the deposit check will be cashed.

If you wish to keep one or more products. You return to us by registered mail at your expense the products that do not interest you accompanied by a check for the amount of the products you keep.   Your deposit check will be returned to you by return mail.

If you wish to keep the material longer to evaluate it, you will be asked for a contribution depending on the value of the material.

Take-back of your existing cables, Classichifi can make you a take-back offer on your existing equipment unfortunately as counterfeits are more and more numerous the purchase invoice will be necessary.

Classic Hifi offers you a certain number of cables and packs ready for testing, if you wish to try other lengths, terminations or other cables from the Melodika, Via Blue or AudioQuest ranges please contact us

Les câbles de prêts : Haut-parleur 


Initiation :

AudioQuest Rocket 11 3.0m, terminaison banane, valeur 419 €

Optimisation :

Melodika BSSC45 3.5 m, terminaison banane, valeur 549 €

Audiophile :

AudioQuest Type 9 DBS 3.0m, terminaison banane, Valeur 1359 €

High End :

AudioQuest Robin Hood Zero Valeur 2299 €


Les câbles de prêts : Modulation RCA

Initiation :

Melodika MD2RD 1.5, valeur 107 €

Optimisation :

Via Blue NF-S1, 1m, Valeur 250 €

Audiophile :

AudioQuest Yukon RCA, 1m, valeur 539 €

High End :

AudioQuest Black beauty RCA, 1m, valeur 869 €


Les câbles de prêts : Modulation XLR

Initiation :

Melodika MD2X Purple Rain, 1.5m, valeur 150 €


Optimisation :

AudioQuest Red River, 1,5m, valeur 319 €

Audiophile :

AudioQuest McKenzie, 1.5 m, valeur 459 €

High End :

AudioQuest Black beauty, 1.5m, valeur 1259€


Les câbles de prêts : numériques

Via Blue câble USB A/B KR-2 silver, 1m, valeur 68€

Via Blue H-Flex Optique Toslink, 1m, valeur 91€

Via BlueNF-75, coaxial numérique RCA, 1m, valeur 149 €


Les packs de prêts : Filtres et Câbles Secteur


Pack initiation :

AudioQuest Filtre PowerQuest 303 + 2 NRG X3,  Valeur 778.90 €


Pack optimisation :

Barette Ifi Powerstation + 2 cables Melodika MDP 1.5m, Valeur 959 €

Pack Audiophile :

AudioQuest Conditionneur Niagara 1200 + NRG Y3 2m + NRG Z3 2m & 1m, Valeur 1576.95 €

Pack High End :

AudioQuest Conditionneur Niagara 5000 avec câble secteur Thunder (3m) + 2 câbles Blizzard 1m, Valeur 7533 €

AudioQuest Robin Hood Zero
AuioQuest Yukon
AudioQuest Black beauty
AudioQuest Niagara 5000
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